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So you’ve tried what this world has to offer
Experienced its joys and its grief,
But sometimes with the grey tones of winter,
You feel hope’s been grasped by a thief.
As under the ice water’s flowing
And under the snow there’s still life,
As sunlight in winter is cheering,
Remember there’s still hope for your life.
Into this world in sin’s winter
God sent His Son as a babe
To show by His life that He loves you;
To go to the cross in your place.
This precious gift of the Saviour,
Though sent many ages ago,
Is a promise of life everlasting,
In spite of life’s ice, and its snow.
So rejoice in the promise of springtime,
Accepting the gift of God’s  Son,
So lovingly sent by the Father,
For you are His beloved one.
Clearwater Seventh-day Adventist Church
#11 Lodge Drive | Clearwater, BC V0E 1E0